Data is the
lifeblood of your business.

The data revolution is already here, and if you’re not an analytics leader in your industry, your competitor surely is. We can help you assess the data maturity of your company, design a pathway to develop your business intelligence capacity, and accompany you on your effort to compete on analytics.

Our Analytics Approach

We know data and analytics have an IT component, and an equally strong strategy component. We are equipped to cover both. We can help you out with designing your analytics strategy and framework, an we can support your data integration and data engineering efforts.

Databases & Data Lakes

Big Data projects need proper storage, and this means mastering the set-up and management of enterprise-ready databases and data lakes. We can help you design a state-of-the-art data storage system, secure, fast, and scalable.

Data integration

Chances are, the most valuable questions you want to ask to your data need blending and merging information from different platforms and tools. We have the expertise to guide you through complex data integration projects, as well as user-facing data blending exercises.

Analytics and Visualization

Data is only as valuable as the decisions you make based on it. To make data accessible and understood, we can help you plan and deploy an analytics and data visualization framework for your organization, as well as a solid Self-Service Analytics platform.

Data Science

Sometimes, data needs some help to unlock its value, coming from algorithms or machine learning techniques. We can help you assess the readiness of your data infrastructure to implement data science, and support the development of your project from start to finish.

Our Analytics Tech Stack

Big Data Solutions

Data integration and data wrangling

Analytics and Visualization

Data Science

Analytics that makes a difference

Matching Technology and Strategy

We have a pluriannual experience advising organizations on analytics strategies, and the best ways to introduce Business Intelligence in the organization. We can help you design the supporting change management processes, as well as choose and implement the technologies.

Breaking silos and blending data

We know how to integrate data to unlock new insights. We master the most advanced Self-Service Data Integration platforms, as well as the most commonly used and powerful data wrangling languages, including SQL, R, and Python.

Insights at your fingertips

We know analytics and data visualization best practices, and we can help you design and deploy interactive, actionable dashboards for your organization. We can support your upskilling effort on data literacy and analytics capacity with training and mentorship.